octombrie 27, 2010

European Commission is organising admission tests and an open competition (COM/AD/17/10), based on qualifications and tests, to establish a reserve pool from which to recruit administrators with experience in the field of economics* (AD 11).

Candidates must have amongst else at least 15 years’ professional experience in economics.

The number of successful candidates is 15. The laureates will be recruited mainly in DG ECFIN.

You must apply on-line following the instructions on the EPSO website http://www.eu-careers.eu/. 

Closing date: 25 November 2010 at 12.00 (midday), Brussels time.

For further information, namely regarding the profile of candidates sought, eligibility criterias and the selection procedure, applicants should consult the notice of competition available through the EPSO website.  

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Alin Ghizasan

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