octombrie 29, 2010

European Commision  announced that you can now apply for the following competitions:

OPEN COMPETITION EPSO/AST/102-104/10, please read carefully the Notice of Competition.

Assistants in the following domains:

EPSO/AST/102/10 – Audiovisual/Web design – Assistants (AST 3) 37 positions

  • Assistant audiovisual producer  
  • Audiovisual technicians
  • Audiovisual archivists
  • Specialist web graphic artist „multimedia and mobile”
  • Multimedia and mobile web developer
  • Website and applications designer

EPSO/AST/103/10 – Archive and document management – Assistants (AST 3) 43 positions

EPSO/AST/104/10 – Nuclear inspection – Assistants (AST 4) 30 positions

Salary for AST 3 starts from 3.273, 22 euro and for AST 4 starts from  3.703, 44 euro.

Deadline for applications: 26 November 2010 at 12.00 (midday- Brussesls time). 

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Alin Ghizasan

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