ianuarie 13, 2012

A call for Interest for Grantholders at the Institute for Environment and Sustainability (IES)

 In line with the JRC mission, the aim of IES is to provide scientific and technical support to the European Union strategies for the protection of the environment contributing to sustainable development. The IES works in close collaboration with official laboratories, research centres and industries of the EU’s Member States, creating a bridge between the EU’s policies and the European citizen.

The grants aim to develop training and mobility opportunities for researchers throughout their careers.

Category 20 – PhD STUDENTS (12-36 months)

Category 30 – POST-DOC RESEARCHERS (12-36 months) 

Category 40 – SENIOR RESEARCHERS (3-24 months)

 For the required qualifications and the selection process, please click on the Apply Today link.

Deadline for applications: 17 January 2012, 24:00, Central European Time



The European Railway Agency (ERA) offers the following temporary job:

 Reserve List for One Post of Project Officer in the field of Interoperability
  • Ref.: ERA/AD/2011/006 – OPE

The jobholder will work in the Interoperability Unit under the responsibility of the Head of the Coordination Sector.

Job location: Valenciennes, France

  • Deadline for applications: 17 January 2012, 24:00, Valenciennes time



We, the European Environment Agency (EEA), are inviting applications for the position of Personnel Administration Assistant.

 Job Location: Warsaw, Poland
  • administration of staff members salaries, rights and entitlements in co-operation with the European Commission services
  • controlling and monitoring the payroll in co-operation with other colleagues within the Personnel Administration team and the PayMaster Office
  • assisting in the establishment of rights and entitlements and calculating allowances for the Seconded National Experts
  • managing the personal files of the staff members
  • performing tasks in Human Resources data-bases ensuring the quality and confidentiality of data and processes, entering and maintaining personal data in the systems
  • participation in the preparation, implementation and monitoring the  Human Resources budget
  • assisting in the introduction of the newly recruited staff members
  • contributing to the development and implementation of Human Resources staff policies and procedures
  • acting as the Operational and Financial Initiator
  • dealing with inquires related to salaries, allowances, insurances, pensions and other administrative matters
  • drafting of documents, forms, notes, statistical analysis, letters, certificates and reports to be used for administration purposes, coordinating the document flow, filing and archiving
  • performing any other related tasks as required
 For the required qualifications and the selection process, please click on the Apply Today link.
 Deadline for applications: 18 January 2012

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