decembrie 3, 2012

Iata o noua serie de locuri de munca in agentiile Uniunii Europene. Apasa pe fiecare job pentru a afla toate detaliile (deadline pentru aplicatie, responsabilitati, etc.):

1. Specialists in Labour Market and Employment Policies- European Training Foundation (ETF)

2.  Project Officer – Environmental indicators and assessments- European Environment Agency (EEA)

3. Contract staff (long term) – Human Medicines Development and Evaluation; Contract staff (long term) – Patient Health Protection; Contract staff (long term) – Information and Communications Technology- European Medicines Agency (EMA)

4. Head of Legal Service- European Medicines Agency (EMA)

5.  Senior Legal and Policy Officer- Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER)

6. Internship– European Issue Tracker (EIT)

7.  Policy Expert (own funds) – European Banking Authority (EBA) 

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Alin Ghizasan

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