octombrie 10, 2012

1. Europol is recruiting:

Temporary Agent (M/F)
Senior Specialist – Information Assurance – in the Security Unit 
Ref.: Europol/2012/TA/AD7/085
Grade: AD 7
Deadline for application: 18 October 2012
Location: The Hague, The Netherlands
More information: https://www.europol.europa.eu/vacancies

2. (F4E) Fusion for Energy is recruiting:

Temporary Agent (M/F)
Legal Officer for Industrial and Construction Related Contracts 
Ref.: F4E/TA/AD6/2012/0164
Grade: AD 6
Deadline for applications: 31 October 2012
Location: Barcelona, Spain / Cadarache, France
More information: http://fusionforenergy.europa.eu/careers/vacancies.aspx

3. (Frontex) The European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders of the Member States of the European Union is recruiting:

Temporary Agent (M/F)
Head of Finance and Procurement Unit 
Ref.: 12/TA/AD12/04.2
Grade: AD 12
Deadline date for application: 19 October 2012
Location: Warsaw, Poland
More information: http://www.frontex.europa.eu/about/job-opportunities/ongoing-recruitment-procedures

Temporary Agent (M/F)
Junior Lawyer
Ref.: 12/TA/AD5/15.1
Grade: AD 5
Deadline date for application: 4 November 2012
Location: Warsaw, Poland
More information: http://www.frontex.europa.eu/about/job-opportunities/open-recruitment-procedures

4. (OHIM) Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market is recruiting:

Temporary Agent (M/F)
Head of Applications Development and Maintenance Service
Ref.: VEXT/12/826/AD 9/ID
Grade: AD 9
Deadline date for application: 22 October 2012
Location: Alicante, Spain
More information: http://oami.europa.eu/ows/rw/pages/OHIM/career/career.en.do

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